Be Slim!

What it is about?

You will be surprised, hearing that this book is about YOU! About a person, you hardly know about, even you see him every day in a mirror. Sometimes his image upsets you, sometimes it makes you smile. But have you ever seriously thought about, what should you do to make this person proud, seeing his figure and physical condition in the mirror? And if you did, you didn’t find the right answer, did you?


Do you want to know yourself closer? To realize how your body is responding to certain actions? To know how to pal up with your body, and receive only joy, not sorrow? All answers can be found inside this book. If you are ready to learn how to understand yourself, make friends with your body and give it the best, solving the excess weight problem forever (once and for all), you have the chance right now.

The "BeSlim" book – is a set of rules that allow the best use of all the resources of the human body to perform the important task: the complete transformation of the energy potential of food (those calories) into the body active energy. The possession of the book by itself will not make you thinner - it's just a "tutorial." No one will make a diet plan and invent recipes for you, but you. If you are waiting for the next diet, that someone wrote for you, and expecting to lose weight "by proxy" - give up this book: it is a different story. “BeSlim” book will show you how to manage your weight, health and mood by yourself.

Have no doubt: everyone can regain harmony and attain the figure of their dreams, together with health, beauty and confidence. I am happy to give you this opportunity and promise that your path to harmony will be easy and enjoyable.

Be Slim! - книга "Будь стройной!" на английском языке; для заказа книги обращайтесь к издателю по электронной почте pspevatskiy@gmail.com (Павел)

Мягкий глянцевый переплет, тираж 3000 экз., объем 448 стр. вес — около 600 г.

London, издательство «ADverts», 2013 г. ISBN 978-0-9576299-0-5

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